Tattoo Artist: Charly Saconi

Located in Buenos Aires Argentina, tattoo artist ”Charly Saconi” uses a combination of tribal tattooing and modern graphic design. Carlos has been tattooing for 4 years now. After he quit studying architecture and graphic design, he taught himself how to tattoo. His work is beautiful! So clean, symmetrical and well placed.

You can really see his love for ancient tattooing in his designs. Inspired by Tibetan, South East Asian and Hindu styles he gives his own twist to every tattoo. A mix of technical ancient tattooing and graphic design.

Experimenting with the hallucinating brew Ayahuasca several times affected his way of designing. Sounds fun to me! Now a lot of people probably don’t agree but to experiment with hallucinating drugs as a designer is a really cool way to see the world and the way you’re designing in a different way.

He is very grateful about being a tattoo artist. β€˜β€™It’s a privilege and an honour to mark people’s bodies with my art. The freedom of traveling and the freedom of choosing what to tattoo, on whom and where. No bosses, no routines. Just passion and expression.’’

Keep an eye on him if you love his work!Β 


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