WTF: 3 Tattoo Instagram Accounts Full of Bad Ink

When you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, the most important thing to think about is that you will carry it with you for the rest of your life! For most people this is very important. But apparently there are quite a lot of human beings on this planet who either don’t really care or they are just blind. I have to admit, some of the tattoos on the instagram pages are quite creative and not bad looking. but they are grose and funny at the same time.

1 Snake Pit

Snake Pit is one of my favorites because it’s a mix of really bad, really funny and actually some good tattoos as well. Although the good tattoos have either something funny or nasty hidden in them.


2 How To Not Get Tattooed

Not only funny and bad ink in this profile. Also funny conversations between tattoo artists and customers. People asking impossible or weird shit. Quite funny to read. And believe me, tattooers deal with this kind of stuff a lot!


3 Sucky Tattoos

The title is very clear. This page is just full of so many bad tattoos. And by really bad, I mean shit. I just can’t imagine that the people who own this tattoos, said ”ok let’s do it” when the artist showed them their drawing. And then even paid at the end. WTF?!

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