Vice: The Brutal Black Project

When it comes to articles and documentaries, Vice is one of my favorite channels. Their content is very interesting, creative and real. In this short documentary a very controversial concept of tattooing is explained.

The Brutal Black Project is not about aesthetics. This about pain. It’s not like a tattoo session anymore but it’s more like a ritual. A tattoo ritual built on pain. No pretty flowers, no mandalas, just brutal Blackwork.

Tattoo artists Valerio Cancellier and Cammy Stewart came up with the concept. They believe it makes a person stronger. Instead of being comforted when you’re in pain, you take the pain and go beyond your limits. Feeling a new level of pain you have never experienced before.

It doesn’t matter if you cry, scream or even get sick. They will continue to tattoo you, but they don’t force you to. They help you through the proces. For some it may look extreme, for others it can be interesting


I have quite a lot of tattoos but for me this would be a bit too much. I like to decide if I want to have a break during a tattoo session. But on the other hand I am a little curious about the experience I would have when you can’t tell someone to stop. I do believe that you will come out stronger. I experience that feeling after a tattoo that came with a lot of pain. But still, I would’t choose to go this far. 

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