Binge Watching: 5 shows on Netflix to watch right now

You probably recognize the feeling when you start watching a new show on Netflix and you’re so into it, you just can’t stop watching. Netflix has become one of my daily habits. After every episode I’m so curious I just have to know what will happen next. So I made a list of 5 series on Netflix I really loved.

1. The Alienist 

A doctor who is fascinated by the human mind has to find out who has been murdering innocent children in New York in late 1800. The show is full of twists and the acting is quite good. Also it’s nice to see Dakota Fanning on screen again. The scenery and costumes look really good as well. It’s really like you go back in time. 

2. The Sinner

You probably heard something about this one, and if you didn’t see it yet, start watching today. This masterpiece is my favorite show on Netflix. I watched the whole season in just one night. It’s about a woman who is on the beach with her family and suddenly she loses her mind and kills a man. She goes to jail and she has no idea what happened and why it happened. In the 10 episodes you find out her story. I have never seen anything like this before. There is so much tension and so many twists in this show, you just can’t stop watching. 

3 Evil Genius

If you want to watch something insane and twisted. Watch this four episode documentary about America’s most diabolical bank heist. A lot of real footage and police interviews are shown. That’s what I really liked about this documentary. Not just one person who is talking you through it, but actual real footage.

4 Dark

This show made me question everything we know about time. Cause actually we really don’t know much about time. I mean it’s here but what is it exactly? This German science fiction thriller is about time traveling and how everything is connected with each other. I know it sounds a bit  vague, which it is actually. And it is so well thought out that I actually started to believe the whole thing. This one is really worth your time! 

5 The Staircase

One of the best crime documentaries ever. Michael’s wife Kathleen dies when she falls down the stairs at their house. After finding her at the bottom of the stairs Michael calls 911. Accused of murder Michael gets arrested. Is he guilty or not? The bottom of the stairs are totally covered in blood. Doesn’t really sound like she fell down the stairs right?  A very interesting 13 episode story.

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