Amazing Architecture: Container Home

Every thought about living in a shipping container? Probably not right?! It’s not the first thing you would think about when you want to move into a new home. But it actually can be a very cheap, beautiful and ideal object to live in. London based designer James Whitaker takes it to a next level.

In the middle of the desert of California this desert flower inspired construction will be owned by a film producer. It includes a living room, a kitchen and three bedrooms. It’s made from several shipping containers.

Joshua Tree Residence_01Joshua Tree Residence_02_View from the car

I think the way the windows are placed is really smart. The amount of light that is entering the house from all different angles is really beautiful. The shape of the building is really in contrast with its environment but from a distance it will blend in very nice. Because of its color and material, the temperature won’t be a problem. One little disadvantage is that dust will constantly be blown into the building because of the wind.

Joshua Tree Residence_05_Entering the house

Benefits of using materials like this is that the construction time is a lot shorter than with usual houses. In the world we live in nowadays everything has to be faster and faster. Also minimalism is a very popular way of designing. Less is more. Definitely with this one!

Joshua Tree Residence_07_Kitchen

 The construction of the building which is called the Joshua Tree Residence will start in the beginning of the next year. I wouldn’t mind living in a container house like this. Visit Whitaker Studio to see more of their incredible work!

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