IKEA’s self driving vehicles

Ikea’s future living lab SPACE10 has designed several ideas for the future’s self-driving vehicles. The project is called Space On Wheels. It is about how these autonomous vehicles can help us spending our time we would be driving inside these vehicles. What would we do or how would we spend our time riding a self-driving car.

Only the fact that Ikea thinks about this is really cool. To be honest I never thought about what would happen with us or with our time if we transport ourselves in vehicles we don’t need to control anymore. We could basically do anything since we don’t have to drive. This is a very smart move of Ikea.

Seven different concepts for these cars are designed.



A simple as it sounds, a shop on wheels that will come wherever you are.



A mobile space where people can have a coffee, a driving café





Gets products from local farmers into the city center.




This way your doctor is able to visit you instead of you visiting the doctor




A driving hotel powered by clean energy comes wherever you are.




Either if you go to the office or you leave the office, you can continue working in this driving office instead of wasting time traveling.



People can play a game in AR as they travel



I can definitely see this happen in the future. Thinking about it, we spend a lot of our ‘’free’’ time traveling from A to B. This could be a perfect solution to spend that time in a more profitable way.



(source: designboom)



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