Choosing the right aftercare

Choosing the right tattoo aftercare can be difficult. What works for your skin? What products are natural or what shouldn’t I use? These are questions you probably ask yourself after getting a new tattoo. I recently discovered a brand I didn’t know before. Carl & Johan. I tried a few of their products and it’s definitely one of the best brands I tried.

First of all, the number of products they have for tattoos is insane. They created several products like a tattoo stick, a body milk, sunscreen, soap etc. Cause when you think about it, why only take care of your tattoo when you just got it? I mean, you pay a lot of money for a new piece of ink, you probably experienced some pain and it will be on your body for the rest of your life. So, why not take care of your tattoos for the rest of your life?

I received a box from Carl & Johan, full of nice products to try.

Tattoo Body Milk

The body milk is one of my favourite products. It’s full of anti-oxidants that slows down the fading process of the tattoo. It’s also a protection for pigments spots and it can actually reduce these spots if you use it daily during the period of two months. Daily use of the product ensures that color pigments of a new tattoo really stays in your skin. Using the body milk is also a solution for dry skin. I get dry skin very easily but since I started using this product my skin is way softer and better hydrated and my tattoos look really fresh.

Tattoo Stick

I think the tattoo stick is a really smart product. To be honest I don’t think I have seen a brand before who sells a tattoo stick. It’s just the daily care you need in a compact stick. You can literally take it anywhere and your hands stay clean. The best part is, is that the balm is not sticky at all. The effect of the product is the same as the body milk.

Pocket Balm

The Pocket Balm is even more compact than the tattoo stick.Very handy for small tattoos or if you’re going out and don’t want to bring a big tube of creme. When using these products combined in the healing process from week 2 until week 5 of a fresh tattoo, trans epidermal water loss is reduced by 24%. This means less moisture/fluid loss. The effect of this is that the ink will be in a better condition after the tattoo is healed.

Sun Protection (VEGAN)

I always want to get a tan when I’m on holiday, but I don’t want to mess up my tattoos. I haven’t tried this product yet because I didn’t have the chance to enjoy nice weather somewhere. It simply protects your skin and your tattoo from the sun, but you can still get a nice tan. Another great thing is that the cream contains a chlorine blockage which protects your skin if you want to dive into the pool.

Regenerating Cream

I used this one when I got my fingers tattooed a few weeksago. I was really happy with the result. My tattoos healed very fast and I almost got no scabs, which made it itch a lot less as well. This way your tattoo will stay in a better condition after it is healed. Especially for finger tattoos they are still in a very good shape. Also, the cream is hypoallergenic which means it’s usable for every skin type.

Purifying Soap

The soap I also tried for the first time on my finger tattoos. It really had a cooling effect, which I really like because it feels like it reduces the pain a little bit. It keeps your skin from getting dry which is always a problem for me when I use other types of soap. The soap also really cleanses your skin, so it works perfectly in combination with theRegenerating Cream. My tattoos didn’t only heal better, their quality stays better as well.

So, if you are getting a new tattoo soon and don’t really know what brand to choose for your after care. Have a look at Carl & Johan.There is literally a product for everyone. You’re not only taking care of your tattoos but also the rest of your skin.

Click here to order their products!

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